How to make Donation more Useful


Often we consider the word DAAN as a help . A help to poor, homeless people or someone who isn't as wealthy as us. Well  Donation is not just a help. Why does a help needs another name as Daan / Donation ?

Helping them is always a good choice but only when you have dissolved your troubled karma because if you are already struggling with your own karma's , you possibly can't help others with it. You first need to solve your life before helping others, remember only a strong man can lift others not a weak.

Every individual has their own set of karmas which they need to live with. if the karmas are better or less with negativity, they are born with similar circumstances such as good family, good parents, good wealth, good luck and the most important finding the right Guru - who will eventually lead you to your final destination, where you will connect yourself with the universe, nature or the supreme power.When you are connected with supreme power then you will be in the position to help others. It could be any form of help to the other humans such as creating good medicine, writing a good book,helping others with your wise words with in emotional or other problems, educating them and many more.

Now lets focus on the other set of people who probably have done lot bad then the above set of people. Well according to their set of Karma and Energy they get a life which could be as beggar, poor family, negativity in thoughts, finding shortcuts in life, failure, unfavorable circumstances and it takes long or maybe a whole life span to find the right guru for these people. But when these people really work hard to go beyond their deeds they are blessed or receive help from anywhere in any forms such as shelter, food, education,jobs, care, respect and many more which brings positivity in their life at right time of reaping the fruits of positive karmas. The right time is decided by God only . When they maintain their positive karma with good intentions, this positivity helps them to find their master or guru who with the astrological knowledge and spiritual powers , helps them to go beyond their karma.

Now this process of destiny and time gets disturb and prolonged if you help them with the feeling of superiority and thinking them as poor than you are interfering with the Law of Karma. This does not bring good results. When we interfere with the feeling that i am helping than we become the DOER . This doership makes us responsible for exchange of karmas of that person in return of help. What happen to receiver ? When instead of letting them go through their destiny we help , this eventually lead them with unwanted greed , less active towards their deeds and bring more ignorance. We indirectly trap them into their own circle of bad karma and some part we take when we help, which is equivalent to our intensity of doership and amount of help.

Remember nature has it's law for everyone same and equal, it never does injustice. So if you consume more than what you deserve it will always make you feel uncomfortable. Be that shopping too much leading to tiredness, anxiety. Be that eating too much developing indigestion. Be that reading too much making you fall asleep. Be that boring conversation leading to irritation, nature has it's law and your body reacts to it. Nature is neutral in giving the results of Karmas in every condition, until you Transform or Rectify it . One who puts hand in the flow of other person's destiny /energy with feeling - I AM HELPING the POOR, becomes responsible to bear few Karmas of the other person unknowingly. And the reason of  transfer of Karma is EGO. We have to carry that burden to maintain the Law.

"If we are awake or aware enough we can notice the difference but if we fail in judging then YES the trap is really big and it takes long to get out of it. Now the question comes - How donation should be done ?"

Donation must be done according to Karmas (decided by planets) and Situation. Planets indicates that what kind of Donation you need to do for the balance of energy of Self and Universe . When Donations are done according to Previous negative Karmas  than we progress fast. Because the Negativity narrow downs the opportunity and limits our understanding. For example If you had disrespected KNOWLEDGE in previous life, than you need to donate books, pencils, teaching free of cost etc etc. If you had disrespected females in earlier life than you need to take care of females by giving them clothes and serving them in every condition. In makar sankranti donation of til (sesame) is necessary for everyone, this is a situation or condition based donation.

If you want to donate beyond above mentioned conditions then feel obliged for the chance God has given to you. Take it as service (seva) rather than thinking in terms of help.
Why this is so ? Because there is a chance that getting some aids from you is already his Destiny and two people are settling their previous account. So when we keep aside our ego which is commonly their in feeling of Help and take it as Seva it makes  easy to dissolve our karma.

Daan is a process where we don't help instead we take help to work with our karmas too. It reduces the quantity of Tamo Guna in us and increases the sattva Guna. So the deal is bilateral. If we give daan than take the person in front of you as god or messenger of god - who is helping you in this form, than it helps both - the Taker and the Giver , as it does not bind any one and IMPROVES the quality of donation.

When donation is done under Guidance of right guru , you become the vessel for nature to tune you to help others and evolve yourself too.
So never confuse yourself between DAAN and HELP.
Daan becomes the process to be one with the Supreme when done

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