Astrology, Karma and Remedies

Astrology is as old as the Vedas themselves. "The Vedas", are the sacred "Hindu scriptures" which embodies eternal knowledge. Strict moral and spiritual practices along with the deep study are the prerequisites to understand the essence.

In order to decipher what lies in the Vedas a study of certain subjects are essential. These subjects are called the "Vedanga" or the body of Vedas.

There are six Vedangas

  • Siksha
  • Chhanda
  • Vyakaran
  • Nirukta
  • Kalpa
  • Jyotish

Astrology represents the eyes of Vedas with its capacity to see present, past and future. Astrology is the scientific study and application of the language of the heavenly bodies. Their particular locations in the horoscope indicates specific happenings in the life.


Karma is the subtotal of one's physical, mental, and spiritual functions. The world goes on because there is role of free will assigned to every human. Astrology is based on cause and effect. If there is an effect, there must be a cause for it. If an event good or bad happens today there must be cause for it, whether or not that cause is appreciable. Certain functions of karmas produce immediate results. Still others obtain fruition after longer time period and can take several years or decade to materialize.

The past karma produce limitation for us because they yield certain results which influence karmas, we do have a free will, but within the limitations, prescribed by the results of our past actions. An Astrologer can point out which of the results from the past karmas can be overcome and which cannot be overcome and therefore have to be suffered.

Karmas are divided into four categories - 

  • Sanchit
  • Prarabdha
  • Kriyaman
  • Agam
Sanchit Karma is the sum total of all total past actions, known (you are aware of having perform) and unknown (not conscious of having done), that are saved in a karmic account. Unknown karma is not easily known by the finite mind.

Prarabdha Karma is a portion of sanchit which is ready to be experienced by an individual during his present lifetime. This is also known as destiny. Which means current effect of past actions. One can't experience all of its sanchit karma at once. Only that portion which has riped for experiencing, will surface at any one time.

Kriyaman Karma consists of the total potential effect created by current actions. Sanchit and prarabdha karma is destined because they are the sum total of past actions which are matured .Kriyman karma  is what we do at any moment, with our physical and mental capabilities in present life. Kriyaman karma is our free will, which helps in neutralizing the effect of past karma and make the base for auspicious agam karma. 

Agam Karma are the new actions that one executes as a result of insight; represent capacity to see the future actions whether or not one chooses to implement them. Any human condition always arises from a dynamic interaction between fate and free will. So, fate is the combination of sanchit and prarabdha karma and free will is the combination of Kriyaman and Agam karma .

Agam and kriyaman karma later develope into Sanchit and prarabdha karma as time passes. When free will is used to change the past actions result, quality and quantity of effort should be equal or exceed the quality and quantity of effort that created the situation only then a simple change can be achieved in life. In other words, transformation occurs only when agam and kriyaman karmas neutralizes the sanchit and prarabdha karma, therefore efforts which are required for the change depends on the intensity of previous karma.

The intensity of karma can be divided into three degrees.

  • Dridha (Fixed)
  • Dridha or Adridha (fixed or Non- Fixed)
  • Adridha (Non- Fixed)

Dridha karmas are difficult to change and they are destined to be experienced. It is identified in the birth chart when there are many adverse indications showing the same affliction, usually repeated on the divisional charts, repeated from the moon ascendant (Chandra Lagna) and without any benefic aspects of other planets or other placements suggesting the contrary. The more the indications showing the same thing in the chart, the more difficult it will be to change or avoid the results. If the same indication is shown reading the chart from Lagna, Chandra Lagna and Surya Lagna at the same time (sudharshana chakra) and there are no alleviating factors or aspects, the situation may be extremely difficult to change.

Dridha or Adridha (fixed or Non- Fixed) karma occurs where ever some horoscopic factors relating to particular area converge in their indications. It is a mixed kind of situation when the karma can be changed but intense and prolonged efforts are required. In addition, strong willpower is also required.

Adridha (Non- Fixed) these karmas can be altered easily or with minimum efforts. This can happen when there are actions done in the past which neutralize or compensate each other. This can be seen on the chart when there is an affliction, but there are many other factors which bless the house or indicate the opposite result.

Upayas and Remedies

Upayas(methods) are the agam and kriyaman karmas done to neutralize the malefic effect of the planets. A Jyotish can predict good or bad time but it is the upaya which has to enhance the good and relieve the bad. When one starts doing upaya the forces of dridha karmas strongly discourages and interferes with the persons will to implement the remedy. That is why strong will is a must to continue and complete the remedies.

Immediate change can be observed with the methods when the karma is non fixed but for Dridha and Adridha karma the result of rituals take some time minimum 40-90 days.

How well this remedy will work depends on

  • how accurate is the diagnosis
  • how appropriate is the upaya related to the planet
  • who gives the remedies
  • how the stone/gems is empowered
  • the muhurta (the time when upaya is taken)
How the astrological remedies work... 

Planets are celestial bodies moving in an elliptical orbit around a star in the space. In the world of astronomy, these very planets are considered to be the most powerful astral energies or spritiual energy which affect our astral body, also referred to as subtle body. They are a kind of subtle energy and psychic field that surrounds and penetrates our physical body. The planetary energies forms a pattern and a shape in our astral body and are constituted of different colour combination which irradiates and attracts similar energy towards it. The different planets are responsible for colour of the aura and that colour and vibratory wavelength is linked to our thoughts, feelings, health and the situations we invite in our life. The remedies work by managing or changing those astral effects in our own astral body, increasing or decreasing certain colours frequencies or wavelengths such as creating a kind of protective shield.

There are several types of Upayas or remedies, Some of them are:
Astrology is just not the means of telling one the future he/she has. It's not about telling the past, present or future. But the true philosophy of the science is to make people realize the power of ISHT or Deity. That is what we call "Vedic Astrology", where the person is just not being discussed over the problems and their immediate solutions, but is also directed towards the longer objective of the human race i.e. realization of the supreme power.

We know that as per law of conservation of energy, total sum of energy is constant, it can neither be created nor be destroyed, energy can only be converted from one form to another, or into mass and vice versa. As per third law of Newton every action has opposite and equal reaction. Therefore, in case we understand pattern of energy equation in the past, present and future we, with our free will, can influence energy equilibriums. Astrology provides knowledge of past, present and future and links among these to future happenings; therefore astrology is an essential tool for determining what remedial measures will be effective.