We all believe in God in one or the other form and so we do our daily prayers and worship. But what may be the reason that our prayers are not accepted due to which we are not able to experience positive changes in the situation or ourselves? All the Vedas, Puranas and other religious books talks about God being indulgent, infinite, omniscient and always looking forward to solve the problems. Then what is the reason that the fulfillment of our desires such as improvement in the relationship, awareness of own errors and prevention of other sorrows is not possible even through prayer?

At first let's look at all the factors whose responsibility is on the person who does the prayer. Prayer is left incomplete due to the following shortcomings of the person doing the prayer:

* Lack of complete faith in God - Even though we have faith in God, but it is not in a complete form. This is the major cause of unanswered prayer. Due to lack of faith only, our mind is engrossed in our own plans. The reason for making such plans is that we rely more on our power and wisdom.

* Lack of determination - On change of circumstances , our view also changes and so does the purpose of our prayer. The second reason is not follow the rules of the prayer.

* Longer time in the fulfillment of prayer - When prayer takes longer to be fulfilled, human by becoming indifferent breaks the rule of prayer.

* Lack of concentration - While praying our focus is less on God and more on the desired fruit. At the same time, we on our own only determine the time to solve the problem. Whole time we are concerned to the fact that the time does not pass away. Our mind is bewildered on account of obtaining the fruits on an immediate basis. Due to impatience, the distracted mind is not able to converge. In addition, our mind is usually busy in listening to matters of other people here and there and daily activities because of which our mind is not completely engrossed in the prayer.

* Unreasonable cause to pray - It would be appropriate to understand this thing with help of an example. If any student does not prepare for exams throughout the year and at the time of examination, pray to God to pass the exam, his prayers will not be completed. If one has a dark complexion by birth and he prays to God for being white. In both the reasons, validness of circumstances is more due to which the use of prayers for their improvement is completely impractical.

* Superficial association with God - Most of the time when we worship or pray to God, we assume him to be away from ourselves. For example, when we offer something to God, we know that we only will get that offering and God is left in the form of a statue of stone. Unless and until the association with God does not achieve its apogee, the answer to prayer remains incomplete.

* Not to practice fair conduct - For the success of any prayer, sacrifice or ritual, it is essential to always follow the conduct according to religious scripture. If someone lies or resort to fraud to fulfill their self-interest then his prayer is never successful. In addition to this only, other negative actions such as condemnation, theft, foul thoughts, to remain trapped in deeds such as negative thinking and addictions and more leads to wastage of energy of prayer.

* Not to be receptive - Our mind is busy in its own world of fantasy which is in accordance to its own convenience. Without recognizing the reality, the mind itself creates a wall of thoughts, wishes and expectations. Because of this wall, the light of truth does not reach us.

* A formal prayer - A prayer is successful only when it is done with pure heart and full consciousness. If it is done without focus, it remains as a mere physical process only. It is very essential for a prayer to connect with the mind. When God is worshipped by offering deep contemplation to Him, the mind seems to be free of malice and passion and the prayer is fulfilled.

* To run away from duties - By not being aware of one's responsibilities and to rely solely on worship and lack of proper action is not acceptable to God. For example, if a person is upset and because of this whole time he keeps on telling his suffering to other people and by not co-operating in the management of the house. and does his prayer by placing himself in the same distress, it leads to the reduction of the power of prayer.


* There are three major things required for the completion of prayer - the spiritual level, purpose and amount of deeds. This is the only reason that the spiritual path of a person is determined in accordance to his emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. Choosing a wrong path also does not yield immediate success.

* Ignorance towards the Divine rules - Just as to live in this world, a kind of special arrangement is essential, in the same way, certain special rules are determined to run this world in a smooth manner. Say, savoring the fruits of action. Because of these rules, knowingly or unknowingly, all beings attain the fruits of their action without fail. Now if any change is to be brought in the fruits of these actions, special rules for that system have been set which is mandatory to follow. Such as to perform special prayers at the appointed time and place, to accept one's own errors and to modify them, to stay modest and calm stay in every circumstance, to have complete faith in God and to be happy and so on. But man's greatest deficiency is that he changes divine rules according to his own requirement. This is the fundamental cause of failure of prayer.

* Sometimes God takes more time to fulfill our wishes so that we could reconsider our own decision. Whatever seems to benefit us from our limited perspective, we pray only with the purpose of that achievement. But God knows the profit and loss in true sense. If a particular wish of a person is likely to harm a person, society and the family, such prayers remain unanswered.

* The qualitative and quantitative amount of our positive deeds is not that sufficient to neutralize the bad deeds of our previous birth followed by the fulfillment of our will.

* In order to obtain a position or a thing, it is essential to have that qualification or ability. Most people consider their ability more than the reality and ignore their errors. This ego turns a person away from God. In contrast, some people make themselves so vulnerable and sad that their confidence always remains shaken. In such case they are not able to surrender themselves to God completely because of their differences with each person and situation. This act of discomfiting alienates them from God.

* Such a person who is not conscious of his duties, does his task by keeping variation in mind and practical aspect / karma, cannot ever please God. A person who prays and shows diligence both, with passion, the God accepts his prayer and provides pleasant fruit of his labor.

* Ignoring the causes of the problem - most people neither care to discover the profound causes of the problem nor they are interested to move forward on the right path by being indifferent to God. If someone is being told the depth of the causes of the problem, it scares that person. Otherwise it is necessary to know the depth of the problem, so that the barriers as well as need and intensity of measures can be estimated that comes in the way of solving them. In addition, the time required in solving the problem can also be considered, by way of which one can hold tolerance. If the estimated time is known, the mind is not distressed by the repetitive delays in the receipt of the fruit.

* Prayer done with fear , greed, prayer done with lack of devotion and faith and prayer done without the guidance of the master, such prayer is not able show complete efficacy.

* Even if a person alongwith full devotion, faith, perseverance and concentration, is able to connect with God and obtains energy by way of chanting, sacred fire, tenacity, prayers, rituals etc. for the right reason, but still if it is not conserved in a proper manner, that leads to the decay of that energy as well. The existence of any one reason from several reasons such as to condemn anyone, to hope to gain from anyone, to understand oneself excellent, to have more amount of anger in conduct , to use of harsh words, to curse own fate constantly, to remain unsatisfied, unable to accept the circumstances, to be distressed by keep on thinking of other things, to give credit of failure to others and take the credit for the success itself, to show bad behavior toward others by consuming alcohol and such other things, leads to energy decay.

Why is prayer required -

God keeps complete information regarding our requirements and desires. He keeps our authority of selection independent. This is the only reason that he does not appear for assistance without addressing Him. The devotees who are fully devoted to God and does not pray for any particular desire, God provides protection to such exclusive devotees and fulfills their requirement without a word.