We commonly use word ATTACHMENT , every religion and scripture says - Stay Away from attachment ... But do we really know the meaning of Attachment ? Probably not.

That is why we fall every time under trap of Goddess of ILLUSION - MAYA with our each deed . Deed can be in form of Thought, Speech or Action. It means if we are thinking under influence of maya than it also creates a hurdle for us. With speech and action effect is more intense.  This is the reason All saints and wise persons insist that we must work without attachment. Let us UNDERSTAND what is attachment so we can fulfill our ultimate goal of Life.

Maya manifest herself in five forms- Five Elements. Each element is the source of one ailment/vikaar when it is not in order. These vikaars are Kaam(desire), Krodh(anger), Lobh(Greed), Moh(Attachment) and Ahankaar(Ego) .For example when fire element is distorted it is manifested as Anger.

Our deeds are always influenced by one of these ailment .To understand this let us take examples one by one.

First we take KAAM . What we Grossly understand with Kaam is the physical relation between Husband and Wife. But this is the one Aspect of word Kaam. Expectations of husband and wife with each other also fall under Kaam. When husband is busy or behaving according to his Sanskaar than expectation of a wife to behave husband according to her desires also comes under category of kaam. To dream Big without knowing practical facts , like always dreaming for big house, big car, worrying too much about saving money for unseen problem and pressurising family member for that, to earn huge money with minimal efforts or by short cuts also comes under kaam.

Anger arises when we disagree with the person, opinion or situation. Reacting more than requirement with too much intensity is Anger.

Anything which is beyond need, becomes Greed. Greed is not limited to money, it can be extended to knowledge, power, love, food, status, fame, other possesions and activities.Greed has deep connection with desire, when desire becomes too strong to make person blind beyond rationalisation than it is called Greed.

When love is there for temporary worldly things , person, body, work and relations that brings hurt / distress/ disappointment when they leave - called Attachment.To live life safely is the first important moh, which every living being has. A mother who has son feels pain if son follows his wife's advice after marriage is because of attachment with son in which we can not see authority of other person. With any accidental loss of money or getting scratch on car and feeling pain also indicates the attachment towards things. Excessive Thinking of collecting money or making houses for children , for that losing peace n torturing self .

Ego is everywhere for everything. When we take us as a separate unit from the Universe for any kind of thought or action etc than it is  called- EGO. Ego is there when we boast ourselves about education, wealth, knowledge, children, achievements , superiority and righteousness etc etc. Though ego is not always about boasting, when we condemn either to overself or others, we pity ourselves about family, relatives, luck, life, love or fame/status etc. is the negative aspect of ego.In ahankaar or ego mostly we go on proving by being judgemental, argumentative, analytical, blaming, expecting praise, getting hurt, false pride, only thinking about self, People should always work or behave as i think etc.

Though these vikaars seems different but they are deeply integrated with each other. Like when kaam/desire is not fullfilled it invites krodh/anger . When we identify too much ourselves with persons or things due to ego, it brings moh/attachment and greed/lobh. When moh is there it boosts our ego.When one ailment is there it invites rest of four one by one as time passes, without giving any warning. Among the five ailments Desire and Attachment are the most important initiator of the trap. Less powerful desires can be ignored but not the attachment. This is the reason word "ATTACHMENT" is used commonly for our suffering but it includes rest four vikars too, as it creates ground for them to Grow.

Are these elements totally unnecessary ? No not at all ! They all keep this universe in movement. It is the excess amount of these elements make them vikaar/ailment and we get trapped under the cycle of birth and rebirth. Attachment makes us responsible for our doing because of feeling of doership.

Astrology helps greatly in balancing these ailments by right donations, chanting and stones etc. To predict this an evolve GURU is needed. We need this external support to speed up our progress, like we need medicines to accelerate our recovery when we are sick. When we leave our Attachment under Guru's guidance, we Liberate ourselves from the suffering which is most of the time our own Creation.

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