Why WORSHIPPING isht dev / devi is important

God is formless, everywhere, infinite, beyond time and place. Our mind is limited because it is under influence of five senses because of which we fail to accept the Almighty's greatness and formlessness. Because of our limiting nature of mind we are unable to understand and focus on limitless and formless form. To make our mind compose, stable and clam in successive manner, we have the rules of worshiping the god in idols(Presage) form.



 Whenever we do any action, mostly it is driven by some or the other desire. To fulfill such desire we always need some instrument. The capacity and the quality of an instrument enhance the capacity of an individual. We can understand this from an example such as : to complete any journey it is dependent on mean we are using to complete our journey . Condition of a Voyager is also an important factor for the completion of journey. Same journey can be different for different people. No matter how strong the individual is, if he travels the journey by walking or cycling he will need more time and if the person has less stamina then it will make it more longer because he needs to rest more often. If he travels the same journey by car or plane then he reduces the time of his journey but for this he needs to be financially strong, to spend for such modes. To survive in this material world we need to follow some rules, and every rule has its own limitations, similarly in spiritual world as well we have some rules with its limitations.

"Normally everyone thinks that we can worship god in any form or swaroop but it is very important to understand here that ' why did god take different forms or swaroop?".

If God really needed to take swaroop even one swaroop would have been enough. God's different swaroop describes his different qualities and power. For an example to gain knowledge devi Sarswati maa, to get rid of hurdles or difficulties lord Ganesha, to gain wealth devi Laxmi maa are worshiped. Because in that specific form, specific quality of energy is so much that a specific wish can be full filed faster. But it doesn't mean that we can worship all forms of God together. If one person has 10 bedrooms in his house, he can't sleep in all at once. In the similar way all swaroop can't be worshiped together at the same time.

"That is why Isht devas and isht devis are made from god's that swaroop or form which has the similar energy as jeevatma and who is also very close to the jeev".

Isht dev helps the individual to open his/her kundalini or soul enlightenment (atmagyaan) first door because if the first door itself is closed then the divine energy can't flow in a right manner.

According to Hindu methods there are five Isht devtas for the materialistic and spiritual advancement: Surya dev, Shakti Aradhana(Durga,Laxmi,Sarswati), Lord Vishnu And his many avatar And Lord Shiva, In south India Kartikey dev have been given consideration as Isht Devata.

 Following Gods and Goddesses are the Overlord of the planets:

      • Surya -  Vishnu,Ram,Shiva
      • Chandra -  Krishna, Shiva, Parvati
      • Mangal -  Hanuman,Shree Narshingh , Durga
      • Budh - Vishnu
      • Guru -  Vishnu, Shree Vaman, Duttatrey
      • Shukra -  Maha Laxmi, Pershuram, Maa Guari
      • Shani -  Hanuman, Kurma, Shiva, Vishnu
      • Rahu -  Maa Durga
      • Ketu -  Ganesh, Matashey

An individual's energy's level and compatibility can be decided through Planets and so the Isht Dev. Planets are very crucial ladder to achieve the infinite.

A highly awakened and accomplished Guru can finds out his disciple's Physical, psychological and spiritual level through the help of these planets and to balance his various levels chooses the appropriate Isht dev and Mantra.

"When Right Ishta has been worshiped and Right Mantra has been chanted continuously, it starts removing hurdles   created by negative energy between Body, Mind and Soul & creates a connection with Ultimate  Consciousness".

The more ahead we go in our spiritual Journey, Meditation of mantras and god's different forms according to requirement we move from finite to infinite . But this journey can only be started by the right Isht dev's selections.

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