Concept of ENERGY in spirituality

Energy is defined as the ability or the capacity to do work. In physics, energy is a property of objects,  transferable among them via fundamental interactions, which can be converted in  form but not created or destroyed.

As we all know every thing that exist on this planet and this  planet itself has been created by definite source of an energy. According to the Hindu  mythological believes all the planets,solar system,milky way as well as we are  all originated from "MAA ADISHAKTI" who is the SUPREME and INFINITE source of energy . Every seen or unseen thing has different quantum of  energy from Goddess.


Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire are the five main elements of  energy, from which everything has been created.When these elements are mixed  with each other in different proportion,they produces different types, quantity  and quality of energy . This makes it clear that everything in this world is a  form of energy . Dependency of different things on each other keep everything  in movement in form of production , maintenance and destruction in a cyclic  manner.  One form of energy after coming in contact to any other  energy form , changes it nature , form and direction . This can be easily  understood from this example - plant gets water and grow,grown plant start  blooming flower from sunshine,it start producing oxygen for us and we  channelize that for our living.

Energy has two ways  of working and two directions for movement :  positive and negative form ,  upward and downward movement .To GAIN and to USE Positive  energy in upward direction demands good efforts , skill , knowledge , resource  , guidance and divine blessings.

Energy is transferred from one object to other via five mediums of Panchmahabhoot, which have their own specific stimulus for reaction - 

      • Ether - Sound . 
      • Earth - Smell , Touch 
      • Air - Feel / touch,
      • Water - Taste and Touch ,
      • Fire - Vision          

For this reason any creature in this world , gain or lose  energy by  instrument of Five elements - eyes (vision), ears (sound), skin (touch) , tongue (taste), nose (smell). Because of this FACT - Good scenes  , dev darshan, mantras , smoke of agarbatti and prasad give us good feeling .  But any kind of negative argument (words) , touch of negative people or food  / any gift given by them drains our energy, which make us restless and dull. 

Any physical or mental action  is also a form of energy, because it uses minimum two factors from these five elements.  This is the reason any thought, speech and deed has specific quantity and  quality of energy . For the human beings and any other creature who can think,  for them energy majorly act according to intention behind thought , word and  deed . Other factors which can affect the energy are - type & duration of  action , favorable and unfavorable inner & outer circumstances and   WILL power etc.

From our birth itself we have few positive and few negative  energy within us depending on our previous birth karma. As we all know ENERGY can not be destroyed, that's why our  previous karmas are carry forwarded till the time we transformed all into pure  positive state, because if we fail to transform it into positive energy, the  negative energy will do it's work and make our negativity so strong that we are  driven to all the negative actions and make our soul stuck with this mrityu  loka.

MAINTENANCE of  energy depends upon - what kind of energy we nourish .  If we feed more negative energy by negative actions , speech and thoughts than  negative form of energy become more stronger. But if we nourish positive energy  by reading religious scripture, chanting , satsang, selfless activites and  other positive works, it becomes more stronger.

" Often it is evident but due to  our lower energy level we fail to notice the power and pattern of Energy . Positive energy has the quality to move in upward  direction . On the other side Negative energy always drags into lower direction. Higher dimension gives joy,happiness, love, peace, better relationship , better working  efficiency , understanding, wisdom and bliss . But the negative energy will  push us down to the lower dimension such as greed,fight,sadness,  misunderstandings, ego, hatred, limited working , thinking and judgement  capacity."

TRANSFORMATION of  negative energy into positive is one  of the most difficult task. Because negative energy is more of stubborn nature  and easy to catch. 

To uplift our soul we begin with the positive karmas like  meditation and chanting. When we start the meditation our negative sanchit  karma start turning into positive energy. But here comes a problem. Because of  stubborn nature negative energy try to maintain its form. To stop the  transformation process it brings many hurdles. 

It is Positive energy's main  characteristic to destroy hurdles but at the same time for Negative  energy , it's their main characteristic  to create hurdles. None of them  are wrong. Both are just following their basic nature . So finding hurdles  during the process of gaining spiritual power via positive energy is normal.

Transformation of Energy always need a MEDIUM. For example - Electricity can be generated from Air, Water or sun. But to generate electricity from any of these sources require detailed and authentic system. Main power house has different system and system at home and other sectors have different methods for uses . In same way for the transformation of unfavorable energy into favorable one need different systems at different levels.

Every phase need skill and knowledge.Because we  are very new to the energy, we fail to understand the difference between  positive or negative energies and their mechanism .  To understand the CONCEPT  of ENERGY better and at  every moment of ENERGY  EVOLUTION  , we all need the help of a "GURU" in our life who has already gone beyond his or  her sanchit karma and has gathered spiritual energy to help us. Guru's are on higher vibration with their spiritual energy  and in the condition to help us. Blessings and Guidance of Guru make things  lot more easy to handle.

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