Jyotish and Tantra

JYOTISH also referred to as the 'eye' of the Vedas. Jyotish investigates the influence of the planets as they shed light on the meaning of our lives, the predictable ups and downs, the nature of karma, detailed overview of major sanskaras, purpose and evolutionary possibilities, soul, mind, intelligence and spiritual life. It is a precise and remarkably accurate method to predict the Time and TANTRA is a medium of attainment of one's interest in a short time with ease. The people, who don't have knowledge about Astrology, can not understand tantra properly. Tantra is based on knowledge of time and Time is governed by the nine planets, different yogas, ritu and disha (directions). So Astrology is the first step to know Tantra in a true sense.

Tantra is not a dreadful topic or a destroyer. This shastra is invented by Lord SHIVA for the protection in which ShaktiRupa Goddess PARWATI helped him completely. That is why for the nine planets in our scripture we have NAVDURGA for prosperity, health, protection and rectification of our karma to achieve the highest point in spirituality.

Shakti is energy (the feminine) and Shiva is consciousness (the masculine). Energy and consciousness pervade every aspect of the known universe. Therefore it doesn't negate reality for spirituality and use those worldly pleasures as a doorway to the divine.

The knowledge of tantra is given to Dattatreya by Lord Shiva according to Guru Pratha (system) and then to Rawan, scholar (Marmagya) of all four vedas. RawanTantra is the well known book even today for a seeker and an expert. As everybody knows that Rawan could not manage his pride and conceit after getting enormous power by practicing Tantra principles and misused it. After that Tantra sutras eloped and mantras were tied (keelit) by lord Shiva. He made this science a secret (to keep away incapable and unqualified) to prevent the misuses. So the essence of tantra one can only know through an experienced, conscious and learned Guru in a strict discipline of Guru Pratha no detail and complete book is available now.

Tantra shows the path treading on which one can achieve his goal by the different evolutionary tools like Mantra, Yantra, Yoga, Gems, Mudra, Plant, Rituals etc. in right TIME (Muhuurt) for sound perfection in the light of Astrology. Because things done in right time in a proper way minimizes the mistakes, shortens the struggle, decreases the time duration to achieve materialistic or spiritual goals which is more hasten by Tantra sutras. So, Tantra and Astrology are complementary to each other and goes hand in hand...