Only human beings are considered as thoughtful and rational amongst various species because they have the ability to connect the past and future on the basis of present. For the improvement and regulation of present and future there are some standard norms. 


There are four pillars for accomplishment.   

  • Dharma
  • Artha
  • Kaam and
  • Moksha

 Moksha, one can get only when other three are mastered. Dharma, Artha and kaam are the equipments to achieve Moksha. This requires balancing of the needs, interests and expectations.  

There are two basic principles of coordination or balancing - First mundane and second is ultramundane.

Fulfilling the basic biological need is the essential purpose because body is the only medium through which we do karma and changes can happen. Body and its pleasures are only stairs to achieve spiritual delight. One can't get Moksha by avoiding life and world. It can only achieve when life is embraced with its own inclination provided by nature. When we control greediness of senses it frees the soul from limitations of body. This goal only can be achieved with the Dharma, that is why the whole human life is tied with the rules but Artha and Kaam are also included in the way of accomplishment with the Dharma keeping in mind the inclination of nature. 

Religion is concerned with the transformation of man's energy. Dharma is a lifelong objective. The pursuit of Artha (material welfare) and Kaama (desire, love) must be given up at a certain stage in a man's life. But so long as such a pursuit lasts, it must be based on Dharma. When the actions are done in right direction for the achievement of Moksha with the help of Dharma, Artha and Kaam then it is called Purushartha. 

When this sadhna leaves mundane ground and moves in the spiritual direction then it becomes the power of attraction which is known as KAAM SHAKTI. In this movable and non-movable world, attraction is everywhere. The extract of all elements lies in attraction and this also manifest in between Male and Female. Where is the attraction, there is sense of copulation. Maithun means union of two different elements which results in the highest pleasure. The joy is the impetus behind all works like existence, development, evolution and growth. These all are experienced in Maithun. It gives egoless and timeless feeling which is PARAM ANAND. 

In Tantra, kaam is considered as an important mean of attaining liberation. But this Kaam should be introvert, only than it can help in awakening of soul. When Kaam is mind based it is only limited to lust and energy finishes on the level of body pleasure.

The Supreme Element is divided into two fragments: one is God and second one is Soul . The soul is again divided into Male and Female element but they got separated under the flow of time. These separated elements are compelled to find each other. This agitation and bewilderedness is the source of affinity and attraction between male and female. We accept the body again and again until we find the real counterpart to convert this eternal separation into alliance to get highest pleasure. 

Man and woman are two different poles, the positive (male) and the negative (female) poles of energy. To complete a circle both positive and negative poles are required. 
A right meeting of those two poles completes a circuit and produces a kind of powerful magnetic field of energy which creates oscillation and intense warmth. This power if guided properly can help in piercing the chakras for awakening of Kundalini. When the energy moves upward you become more and more silent. Silence is the by-product of energy moving upward and tension is the by-product of energy moving downward. 

When two different part of different soul meet and marry each other without purification, they can't mature their relationship towards the spiritual level. The alliance remains only at worldly level and it causes ignorance, differences in opinion and egoism, resulting in stale and disturbed relationship. Here astrology plays a vital role in finding the equal energy people with the help of 

The love is the content of soul and true love only originates when the same soul parts meets each other. This kind of love when originates - ALL PAIN, SUFFERINGS, HARRASMENT, DISTRESS AND DISHARMONY VANISHES. Only joy last which leads to liberation. The meeting of these right souls is YOGA in true sense and the system which guides and implies efforts in right direction is the TANTRA.

The Tantra Sadhna starts from Brahamcharya (celibacy), matures in Married life and achieved in Monasticism. To regularize this power and avoid the distraction, marriage institution is made. Marriage is included among the forty sanskaras, which fact shows that it is a sacred rite that sanctifies life.