We welcome you to the journey of self realization.......

The journey of self discovery reaches to its highest point of development with the gain of divine awareness and knowledge. We know that it has to initiate with the capability to address and seek solutions for problems.

This journey of dedication and faith can only happen with the result you see and realize in the present. For the solution of problem we follow the traditional process and seek to enable that through the most ancient, most definite and persistent, widely appreciated science in every culture and civilization known as JYOTISH. It is also named as Vedic Astrology, eastern astrology and Hindu astrology.

The way to happiness can be achieved by predicting events whether good or bad accurately in one's life. It helps human being to figure out its potential and limitations. To be aware of one's limitations is a great strength. By knowing positive things one can plan  life to make strengths powerful and by manging negative points in right direction ,one can minimize limitations. The science of Astrology helps us to identify problems of life and suggests different solutions to solve them.

Our solutions are more complete because they are blend of Astrology and Tantra. Where Astrology stops, Tantra takes over.  We have helped numerous people to solve their problems which were blocking their ability to live a happy life. It was done by minimizing the impact of negativity and maximizing positivity through Gems, Mantra, Tantra and Yantra. 

Walk towards journey of happiness and fulfillment with us.......

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