Make Life Easy


So, the other day i heard a joke from my guru ( note: this is unusual side of him). 
JOKE : "a man was lying on his bullock cart, and the cart was pulled by bullock without any command of his. Seeing this an engineer boy asked the man - Why are you relaxing behind and not commanding the bulls? To which bullock cart rider replied : because the bulls are doing fine. Again the boy asked : How do you know they are doing fine means walking continuously ? The man replied : From the sound of the bell tied in their neck . When bulls walk, bells keep ringing . After hearing this, boy thought for a while and asked again :  what if the bulls are standing at one place but only moving their heads? 
The man answered calmly - " Sir, they HAVE NOT done engineering." hahahahahah......

I  found it really funny since i know many engineers and so called intelligent people, who try to find logic to almost everything. BUT, my guru didn't really mean to share only the joke. His divine perception came from the joke too (Note: usual side of him).
He compared the situation with our daily lifestyle and said - even we keep putting logic at the places where it's not required . On the name of inquiry, curiosity, rights, needs,  we keep looking for some or the other things from others by using our intellect, emotions or mind ......we color everything from our perspective only.  When things can be managed with simple thoughts, means or command -  than why to tangle it with IF and Buts. He doesn't fancy human's this behavior. He appreciates curiosity but in right way and don't entertain the game of mind.

In this conversation i also understood the difference of awareness, intelligence (better word will be understanding) and adaptation for living style between the bulls, bullock cart rider and the engineer boy, which is the reason of difference of behavior as well as attitude of different people towards life . 

 Bulls do their work with dedication , they only follow command and reach to destination as some one is their to guide them. Remember this is the only requirement for them . By trusting the Guide, they do not use their mind more than requirement, only follow the instructions and reach to the Destination.
An engineer represent  people who always try to find something to keep mind busy, focus on problems or try to find flaws in everything or looking answers for imaginary situations or putting  their intelligence where it is not required . It seem to them that what they said or asked or did or expected is logical and essential... So they keep on repeating or doing things in the same pattern they are aware of , means - inquiry or gathering of information which they are not going to use . 
They seek answers and "KNOWING" feeling give them a high.  With too much collection of information they disturb harmony and peace of mind of their as well as of people around them. Why ? Because implementation or use of knowledge is a different thing. Second thing mind gets heavy and work slow like computer with too much load.
Bullock cart rider did not ask question regarding engineering as it was not applicable for him. Choosing the RIGHT QUESTION is very important. Inappropriate choices/asking/queries because of influence of habit leads to lack of awareness because of loss of positive energy through words,  which leave us open to making errors as well as wasting of precious time, in our life.
How to deal with such kind of people?
Like the bullock cart rider understand the NATURE and behave accordingly.....My Guru said with smile.
The man knew the potentials as well as nature of the bulls that they will walk straight till he gives next command. Bullock cart rider was aware that he can handle them any time if situation arises, so he was relaxing.  He also guessed the nature of the engineer so he ended the conversation than and there only . 

Highly evolve  spiritual persons understand the actual potential and nature of others as well as theirs. They know how to behave as per universal law and choose appropriate actions in every situation. That is why they don't  react or reply to people of lower energy in the way they want, but behave according to the real requirement- which is saving of the time and energy.  Spiritual persons look beyond outer presentation as they know it's their swabhav and they are asking or doing things without awareness under control of habitual pattern which is their ACQUIRED NATURE.

So they don't allow their mind / intellect to get overshadowed by lower energy thoughts/conversation/questions. They just escape by behaving in different but balanced manner. They simply avoid / finish logical looking illogical thinking / conversation by understanding the nature of other person, remaining aware of universal nature and holding as well as applying the right knowledge.

 They do not put the burden of If & buts or expectations of understanding on the shoulder of other person . Also they do not take everything what other person is giving. They just escape by saying / doing things in different manner and relax in self.

Exploring questions especially related to life and spiritual world requires time,silence and solitude.Correct understanding to these inquiries always come from inner silence. Practice of self-evaluation , observership and focus on what is essential for evolution is the key of SUCCESS.

Rules for body, mind and soul are made to reduce the amount of information.We need to adopt few of them as per real requirement.When we do that, as a result, we develop ability to do more things successfully without bringing our ' I '. All our Inquiries and Quests go AWRY if the veil of EGO comes in between.This lead to NO ENLIGHTENMENT but only result in INTELLECTUAL INDIGESTION.