Bagula Mukhi Devi

Bagulamukhi is the eighth mahavidyas in the famous series of the 10 mahavidyas . She is identified with the second night of courage and is the power or Shakti of cruelty. She is described as the Devi with three eyes, wearing yellow clothes and gems, moon as her diadem, wearing champaka blossoms, with one hand holding the tongue of an enemy and with the left hand spiking him. Seated on the right of Bagula is the Maharudra, with one face, who dissolves the universe. She is most beloved to Lord Shankar because she is the only one who has third eye and half moon in her coronet among Dashmahavidya.

bagula matarani

She is also known as Vaishnavi, Pitambara, Trinetri, Khadgdharini, Stambhankarini and Bramhvidya. She is the destructive power of Almighty.

Ancient literatures like Yajurved, Atharvaved, Pitambaropnishad, Rudryamal tantra, Agnipuran. Meru tantra, Shad karm deepika etc have mentioned the detail description of mata Bagulamukhi.

Mythological evidences:

1 : She was first worshiped by Lord Brahma then by Lord Vishnu, Parshuram and Acharya Drona.
2 : It is said that Ravan's son Meghnad used this stambhini vidya to control the force of Lord Hanuman in Ashok vatika.
3 : By using this power Angad consolidated his foot in Ravan's assembly and nobody was able to move it a little bit.
4 : Brave Arjun also worshipped Pitambara mata to get victory in the disasterous war of "Mahabharata."

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Bagulmukhi devi is the helper of the Parbramha and the controller of the speech, movement and knowledge. She is capable of giving powers (Siddhis) and fulfilling all the wishes of her devotee.She is the ultimate weapon to destroy all the enemies of universe. She is the super power which paralyses the evil forces.

It is not fair to assume Baglamukhi as the goddess of black power. In fact in all the destructive action of Bagulamukhi - protection is the inherited motive.

Benefits of Sadhna

1 : To get wealth, child, peace and prosperity.
2 : Complete removal of bad effect of planets.
3 : Freedom from diseases.
4 : Salvation and protection from Devil Soul.
5 : Protection from accidents, injury and operations.
6 : Success in work field.
7 : Victory over enemies, competition and court.
8 : To get back the blocked money.
9 : To get back loved one in life.
10 : Accomplishment of speech.
11 : To clear the debts.
12 : Regulation of vaat element in the body.

Devotion is the primary mandatory thing for this sadhna. One must do this sadhna only in the guidance of siddha guru because this sadhna needs strict discipline, will power patience and faith. Devi Bagulamukhi gives success only after testing on touchstone.