Anushthan - Some facts

ANUSHTHAN comprises of two words: Anu means 'firm' and Sthan means 'place' referring to the original place of THE LORD.

Anushthan is done to please the god or goddess, so one can fulfill his or her own desires in short period of time which in reality, very difficult to achieve. It is done by the means of mantra chanting in a predetermined period of time, which is equivalent to a specific state as desired by us.

When it should be done-

It is said that whatever problems we are facing in our present life is bound to be related to the 'karmas' of our past life. To cease the negativity of our past life we take the help of astrological remedies which usually takes a long time to give desired result for tough type of karmas.  On top of it, if 4-5 planets indicate the same situation at the same time, then the remedial time period increases in view of increase of difficulties. To cite an example, when the seeds are sown, they do not protrude out of the soil immediately but takes considerable time as required. If the other conditions like soil type, water and nutrition availability etc is not in accordance, the seeds may take more than the required time to protrude.

In this kind of situation, there arises the need of ANUSHTHAN which is the only tool through which the negativity of the past life and the positivity of the present life could be equalized which in turn helps in nullifying the situation.

How it is done -

The decision of undertaking ANUSHTHAN process depends on your nakshatra as well as planetary positions and the kind of work/task for which it has to be performed.

The counting of Mantra chants involved in the process depends on the task type and its intensity. If the work is difficult then accordingly mantra chanting becomes difficult and its counting needs to be increased. According to quantity of mantra chanting Anushthans are of three types - Laghu, Madhyam , and uchch.

  In today's busy life, it becomes difficult for one to observe ANUSHTHAN ritual by its own. For that reason only, a well learned and knowledgeable person, priest or pandits (referred to as doer) are hired who on behalf of that person wanting to have this ritual done, takes vow for the same and do the mantra chanting.  But this does not mean that the main person involved should be busy with his daily routine. On the contrary it is necessary that his mentality and belief should be attached to the deity of ANUHSTHAN otherwise there are chances that the process of ANSHTHAN is not successfully completed. It is therefore required that the main person involved should also follow certain disciplines mentioned below to its maximum extent for the successful completion of ANUSHTHAN

In this process, according to the requirement the number of Priests may vary from 5 to 11 or more who do the mantra chanting on behalf of the person for whom the process is done. But for this only those people are involved who have gain expertise in the field of ritualism.

With the effectiveness of these mantras, the divine power is invoked and then we request that power to fulfill the desire of the concerned person.  When the doers of the ritual both host and the priests, chants the mantra with more and more concentration along with observing the discipline in a more better way, the results also come out in better way.

 Difficulties encountered during Anushthan -

Chanting mantra sounds easy but when it is started many difficulties come upon unexpectedly to both - the Yajmaan and the person who is performing Anushthan to deviate from achieving the target. Sometimes the unsuccessful completion of ANUSHTHAN is due to the tests taken by Almighty and you have to undergo those tests in order to achieve the desired result. These tests are inevitable and passing these tests depends upon faith, dedication and devotion. For e.g. if one wants to become a doctor, he/she needs to appear for an entrance exam. Appearing for an exam does not mean at all that he/ she will clear the exam in order to become doctor. Passing the exam will depend on the preparation and alertness of the student.

 One has to be very determined and dedicated under all circumstances to complete the mentioned rituals. This is the reason that AIM of desire should be pure, serious in intention and must have inherent beneficial aspect for family and society. The ritual of ANUSHTHAN should be performed by any one only for the specific purpose and not to be considered as a general ritual and must be done in accord with the defined discipline in Hindu scriptures.

 It is mandatory to observe intensive discipline in accord with the defined discipline in Hindu scriptures during the entire process of ANUSHTHAN for it successful completion because any minor mistake or in disciplinary act in the process may lead to negative results.

Essential requirements during anushthan  -

1-  Follow celibacy

2- Avoid gossips and practice silence (maun)

3- Avoid nonvegetarian food

4- Fix time and place for prayer in morning and evening

5- Do not involve mind unnecessarily on worldly things

6- Keep surroundings clean

7- Be observant of mistakes

8- Do not divert your mind towardsunnecessary and useless thoughts

9- Do not say any abusive words to anyone or speak lies

10- Replete your mind with reverence, faith and devoutness during the entire process

11- Do not keep on thinking everytime regarding the result of Anushthan

12- At the time of idolizing, there should not be any kind of disturbance like getting up from the worship place again and again, attending phone calls in between etc.

13- There should a fixed for eating and one should consume light food at fixed time.


On completion of Mantra chanting, one should perform  'DASHANSH HAWAN' wherein 1/10th amount of the numbers of mantra chants should be offered followed by offering food to girls or Brahmins which should be  again be 1/10th of the later part means one tenth part of the hawan mantra.  Then and only then the process of ANUSHTHAN is considered to be successfully completed.


Different types of ANUSHTAN controls the negative energy in different field. For example-

  • To obtain all kinds of convenience in life
  • To get rid of unwanted fear/jeopardy
  • To get rid of debts
  • For well-being of the family
  • Protection against diseases
  • To win over opponents
  • To get rid of Kaal sarp Dosh
  • For the peace of Navgrah
  • To resist against black magic


Some important Points regarding result after completion of Anushthan -

After the completion of the ANUSHTHAN process, it is not necessary at all that you may get the immediate result or you may get desired result in a single process only.  As discussed earlier, until and unless the bad deeds of your past life which gives rise to such condition equalizes with the good deeds of your present life, no change can be observed in that particular situation.  Suppose in fulfilling your task, 1.0 lakh times of mantra chanting is required and you do only 24,000 times of mantra chanting then it does not bring end to your problem but may reduce the intensity to some extent and doing the required quantity of mantra chanting nullifies the situation. Taking an example of a balance, suppose to weigh 1kg of your thing, 1 kg of weight in another pan is required for its equalization. Instead of that if you weigh 1 kg of your thing by 50 gm of weight only then the things is not weighed properly as required. Furthermore to this, in order to reverse the situation means for up swinging of graph, you need to increase the counting of mantra chants, more than 1.0 times so that you can get more than the desired result.

In other situations it may happen that even if you do the ANUSHTHAN in the required quantity, still it may takes some time for the result to come. In between this time span i.e. from the time of completion to the time of getting result, if there is any kind of misshapen due to unfavorable planetary position then it may hamper you to achieve the desired result. To cite an example, when the seeds are sown in the field, it takes some time for harvesting.  Now in between this time period, from the time of sowing seeds to the harvesting time, if there is a fire in the field, the crops will be damaged and we may not get the harvest of good quality as expected. That is why it is required for the doer to continue with mantra chanting along with observing the ordinance properly till the time the desired result is achieved.

  It also happens that when the time is not in your favor, you may not get the result in totality because some part of the result is automatically used up in balancing the unfavorable situation which is a kind of divine blessing only that helps you to cope up with the situation so that there is no further incur. Explaining the concept, it's like if a child is not keeping well and his/her study is hampered, mother does not ask and force her child to study during that time period in order to clear the exam or get good marks. In fact she takes care of her child even during the time of his studies for her child to get well soon and that child could make up with the loss of his/her studies through his/her hard work. And it is requisite at that point of time as good health can only help to compensate the loss.  Herein the divine power acts like a mother to you who always think for your betterment. The level to which any particular situation cause damage, can be truly estimated only by the divine power and also there are certain things hidden in the womb of nature which is automatically adjusted by the divine power. If you show true dedication and devotion, then the divine power makes us familiar with the situation to some extent. Therefore whenever you get result which is not accordance to your expectation, instead of getting desperate you should increase the counting of mantra chants so that whatever shortage is there,  can be fulfilled by power of mantra to get the desired result.