20 Ways to live Spiritually

These are the points, which one can involve in daily life activities and fly higher and higher in the sky of spirituality -

1. Accept things as they are coming . By accepting you make your life easier.

2. Be satisfied with what you have. Rather than cursing life and  finding only deficiency in it, develop the sense of sufficiency. 

3. What you experience is exactly what you allowed yourself to feel. So try to feel blessed always.

4. Life is giving us lessons by putting us into good and bad situations . Its taking us through experiences so we can develop good qualities. The more we experience, more we evolve.

5. Whatever we are experiencing is exactly what we sought. So do not crib about bad situations. Try to Listen & understand what nature is whispering.

6. At each age, we reach a different level of awareness because of change in experiences with time. So do not limit yourself at any point of time.

7. We people continue to be insensitive and demanding to ourselves because of pain, hatred, guilt and resentment. Be kind to yourself by forgiving the persons whom you think responsible .

8. Be absolutely in the moment with presence of mind and you will experience the right lesson for you.

9. Use your intellect before responding and  do not let rule unnecessary emotions to you. This way, you can make your life smooth minimizing troubles which may be caused by your own reactions.

10. Don't underestimate anybody based on prejudices. Don't judge anyone by his reactions because many times its the situation that causes a particular response in people.

11.  Allow flexibility in everyone,  because life, situations and hence the people are always changeable.

12. If you know that you can't do it for someone, then don't promise about it.

13. The more expectation, the more disappointment and delay in liberation.

14.  Do not blame other person for bad situation. Stand up and take Responsibility of your karmas.

15. Surround yourself with Positive Thoughts, People and Books. 

16. Spend some time in worship daily in silence.

17. Develop habit to examine your thoughts without being biased towards self.

18.  Live disciplined and simple life.

19. Always keep on enhancing your faith, surrender and awareness by making right choices. This is only possible with Knowledge leading to wisdom.

20. The best way to show your gratitude for every soul is  by being compassionate.