Observation of Mind


Mind is our own Creation and we are the only person who can modify it. Mind has variety of different aspects which include Emotions, thoughts,  idea of time (past, present and future), concepts, memories, prejudice, biases, feeling of happiness and sorrow etc.  We are very much accustomed to react mechanically based on our memory which is made by previous actions of condemning, judging, verbalizing, evaluating, identifying and choosing. These all things prevent awareness. All mental faculties depends on Duality , which force to choose. When we choose, we get stuck in Maya, because Maya is Duality. Choices are always made as a result of conflict and conflict clouds the consciousness.

So to move clouds from consciousness one has to understand and rise above the mental activities. And for this, one of the best faculty of mind is used - OBSERVER quality , a part of conscious mind. To the seeker every one suggests that Be Observer. And seeker now thinks What is observation, what to observe or how to observe and what are the benefits?

OBSERVATION means seeing things without Attachment, Motive, Effort, Judgement or Choice. It  is  constant checking of the thoughts which wakens our conscious mind. Like a teacher who is constantly observing the student,makes student less liable to commit mistake.  In the same way, observation of the thoughts especially negative ones helps to cut down their intensity.  Mind is like a student who needs checking and corrections at every level for good performance.

Why to observe mind

The invisible or Visble different karmic forces make the mind. Tendencies of the human mind again give rise to actions. Worldly actions keep us earth bounded . Therefore for liberation  an understanding of the nature of mind and its role becomes necessary. If we change  trigger of worldly tendencies than Maya can no longer bind us.

How to Observe 

Guru and Books can provide you means or ways but transformation initiation starts with your will. To reap the fruits of observation one need to develop Discipline and Intention to look into mind and nature of thought. Without discipline it can trick you any time as this quality can not be developed by any one in short span of time. The biggest obstacles is our ego that blinds us and we get misled so easily which need to be prevented by pure intention.

 To observe you Just have to be aware with alertness to all thoughts and feelings, is the only requirement. But one has to be aware without condemning, without forcing, questioning, verbalizing and without trying to change anything. When you are aware choice less , than door for consciousness opens and you begin the journey of Spirituality.

What happens with Observation

After practice,  we notice distance from thoughts as first sign. This distance strengthens your hold on conscious mind because of which one can notice following benefits  -

* We don't feel hurt since there is a gap between us and the incident.
* We can understand the situation better and rather reacting, we respond in a more constructive manner.
* Feeling or thought do not govern any more so our present becomes more important rather than past or future.
* Our past karmas slowly start loosing their hold on our lives and we regain our lost freedom i.e. we can redesign our own future.
* As we become more aware of our habitual modes of thinking, feeling and behaving we are better able to direct our attention and make
 empowering conscious choices
* With right choices comes better understanding and receptivity.We gradually become more soul centered then ego centered.As ego dissolves, the path shines like never before.

How Astrology Helps

Astrological remedies loosen the grip of Karmas . Astrology helps by revealing nature and purpose of your karmic relationships through planets. By remedial measures we configure the pattern of karmas, because of which we develop the intention to look into the matter of mind . This helps in connection with the omnipresent super collective consciousness.

Observation quality has great value on path of Spirituality. It is the key to control the erratic mind in best and easy way. This is the reason a Seeker is always advised to let the thoughts surface and pass without attachment at any cost.  To facilitate the process of Observation it is suggested to maintain main focus on God or Guru. This prevent the slip of concentration into ocean of thoughts. By pure contemplation we earn blessings of almighty and hurdles of mind as well as karmas start resolving at faster pace. When mind is free from all previous sanskaars than duality ends and we get single pointed focus means EKAGRATA, root of success in spirituality.